Softball Training

Southern All-Stars offers one-on-one softball training in pitching, hitting, catching, fielding and conditioning lessons 7 days a week.

Lessons are given one-on-one in 25 minute sessions; purchase two 25 minutes sessions back to back for a discounted price!


Lessons may be purchased individually or in discounted packages as seen below.

  • 1 Lesson ($35)

  • 2 Pack ($60 - $30/lesson)

  • 4 Pack ($112 - $28/lesson)

  • 8 Pack ($210 - $26/lesson)

  • 16 Pack ($320 - $20/lesson)

  • 32 Pack (Teams Only) As low as $15/lesson)

Southern All-Stars offers youth baseball and softball lessons in Southern Illinois and the Midwest for ages 4-18 years of age.

Training is available one-on-one with a professional designated instructor at affordable rates and flexible times with our 7 day a week availability to introduce & work on mechanics in pitching, hitting, catching, fielding and conditioning assisting to encourage leadership, confidence and the discipline to excel. Players will find themselves as they not only learn to achieve their goals but also life lessons through adversity, working efficiently, prioritizing, patience, sacrifice and respect of themselves and others.

Southern All-Stars also assists in team & college recruitment, hosts softball and baseball tournaments, a weekly podcast, offers motivational merchandise for sale, and hosts annual trail rides and camps throughout the year.

Lessons may be booked using our online calendar at the top of the page, just click on "Book Lessons" to find a date and time that works for you.


Softball Training

Fielding lessons offer players to work on their defense no matter their position! Players work on throwing and catching mechanics, game comprehension, etc during fielding lessons along with conditioning.

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Fielding Lessons
Conditioning Lessons / Group Nights

Southern All-Stars offers conditioning on Sundays and on a one-on-one basis. Players can expect to work on general flexibility, agility and athleticism while getting to meet new players in the area. Prizes given at each conditioning event.

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Southern All-Stars hosts several events throughout the year including;

  • Softball Camps

  • Softball tournaments

  • Group Conditioning Nights

  • Recruiting Sessions (New!)

Other Events

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Pitching Lessons
Hitting Lessons
Catching Lessons

Pitching lessons are available for beginners to advanced pitchers. Begin with learning good habits, mechanics, a healthy warm up routine along with your fastball and change up. Advanced pitchers can work on speeds, accuracy, spin rates, movement, comprehension and learn pitches like the drop, rise and screwballs!

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Hitting lessons offer hitters to be able to work on mechanics utilizing tee work, side toss and front toss while being sure to focus on each part of the swing / body movement. Select from two different pitching machines and over 50 bats to try out! We also offer digital technology to track bat speed and mechanics.

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Catching lessons offer catchers to work on the art of catching by working on things like setting up, calling pitches, sticking pitches, framing, pop up times, blocking and throw downs. Catchers and pitchers are welcome to come together. We also encourage conditioning during our catching lessons to prep players for long days / weekends!

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Interested in one-on-one lessons at Southern All-Stars but not sure where to start? Send us a message and we will be in touch with you shortly.