Southern All-Stars Gear

Southern All-Stars offers a variety of gear including preowned bats, pitching tools, shirts, hoodies, etc.

Below you will find an assortment of products.

Shirts & Hoodies Designs
All items in the Southern All-Stars shirt and hoodie collection are available in either shirt or hoodie and large variety of color including but not limited to; black, white, gray, red, blue, purple and other shades of colors. The print will be in a contrasting color to the clothing.

Item A: Stay the Course
Item B: Sore Today
Item C: Flag
Item D: Southern Motivated
Item E: Luck
Item F: Boyfriend

Shirts $20, Hoodies $35

Pitching Tools
Southern All-Stars pitching tools.
Softball Bats For Sale
Southern All-Stars has around 50+ high end composite two piece bats for sale and for use. Name brands include DeMarini, Easton, Boombah and Louisville Slugger.

26" Bats
28" Bats
29" Bats
30" Bats
31" Bats
32" Bats
33" Bats
34" Bats

Bat prices range from $125-$650 and come in a variety of drop weights ranging from -9 through -13.

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