2020 Recreational Leagues Matter


Program Details

Southern All-Stars will soon kick off a new program, "2020 Recreational Leagues Matter" with great incentives in hopes to build relationships with communities and provide discounted pricing on softball training for those interested in that community. The idea behind the program is to keep recreational softball enrollment up and build talent in that community not only for the recreational league but for the community's school system as well. 

How to Apply

 If you would like for your community to be a recipient of this program please fill out the application at the link below by Sunday, March 15, 2020. Simply tell us why this would be important for your community. One community will be accepted and incentives below will be available for all members withing that community. Please fill free to share this with your local Park Director, school Athletic Director or a leader in your community that would be interested in applying. 

Discounted Training

 Affordable softball training for all youth in the awarded community at our indoor facility in Carlyle, IL. The discount applies to all recreational and travel ball softball players in the awarded community. 

Free Softball Camp

 Southern All-Stars will host a free softball camp at your park if your community is selected for the "2020 Recreational League Matters" program. Access to a large number of pitching, catching and hitting tools along with great drills. Free to all players in your community! 

Free Stuff!

We have a lot of softball stuff! Sometimes when we purchase new things we need to find a new home for some of the older things such as bats, catchers gear, gloves and training tools (pitching machines, radar guns, nets, etc.); let us donate those items to your community and program! 

Indoor Training Facility

 Access to Southern All-Stars' training facility and tools is available for your recreational team to practice in preparation for the upcoming season. Have an option to practice indoors during the rainy season! 

Registrations Fees Paid

 Southern All-Stars will pay the registration fees for the recreational league in hopes to keep enrollment up for rec league for players attending regular training at Southern All-Stars. 

Recreational League Retention

 Keep enrollment up with the recreational league program within the community by removing the financial burden of fees (paid by Southern All-Stars) and increasing the talent and confidence of the players through proper and affordable training. 

Recreational League Talent

 Increased talent for rec leagues within the community; be more competitive in the rec league program. 

JR High / High School Team

 Increased talent for school system within the community. Provide discounted prices on softball training for all players for your school program to build and keep talent within your community.